Other activities

Whether you are a scener, you are a gamer, you like modding or you don’t fit into any category… This is also for you! All you have to do is leave your inhibitions aside.

  • Analogical drawing
  • Fast comic
  • Euskal Chef
  • Euskal Tubito Artist
  • Movie Trivia
  • Home effects
  • Fast story and reading


 Analogical drawing

Do you want to show your talent with a pencil or paints? On Friday we’ll give you the topic and you have until Saturday afternoon to do your drawing "freehand", leaving technology to one side for the moment. And we say for the moment, because we want you to share it with us on twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #EE28. 


 Fast comic

We want you to tell us a story ... in comic book format! On Friday we’ll give you a topic and you’ll tell us a story in a maximum of 8 pictures. The quality of the drawing won't matter as much as the story it tells. 


 Euskal Chef

This year we won't be able to meet for lunch in the catering area or in the dining room ... but that doesn't mean we can't share that foodie moment before eating. So from Friday to Saturday afternoon post the meals you’ll be having during this EE28 on Twitter or Instagram (using the hashtag #EE28) so we can see what our participants are eating at home :)


 Euskal Tubito Artist

At the beginning of the confinement period during the pandemic, people stockpiled toilet paper. That’s in the past now, but since the pandemic continues, we’re going to find a use for those toilet roll tubes too. Use them to show your artistic talent and share them on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #EE28 so that we can all see your creations; last thing on Saturday we’ll decide which are the best. You can paint them, make little figures, etc. Let's see what you can come up with!


 Movie Trivia

In this special edition... Movie Trivia will be different. Instead of using the Intranet we'll do it on Twitter. Get ready; from 12pm on Saturday we’ll be posting the scenes and you’ll have to guess which movie they’re from. So get to it and follow the official Euskal Encounter account ( https://twitter.com/euskalencounter ) so that you don't miss a thing.


 Home effects

During this #EE28 we’re going to ask you to enact famous movie scenes, but with the obvious limitations of being at home. Keep an eye on our Twitter account where we’ll post the challenge and your efforts.


 Fast story and reading

Just because we can’t meet up doesn't mean that we can't tell each other stories as if we were sitting around a campfire. 

On Friday at 12pm you’ll be given the subject and at 9pm we’ll start reading the stories on Discord. Are you up for joining in?

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